Rama original 70%Butter

Rama original 60% Butter

Rama original 37% Butter

Rama original 37% Butter

Since 1970, Rama has been helping South Africans make the tastiest meals and treats. We’ve put the ‘Nca’ in Amagwinya, the ‘mmm’ in mielies, and added delicious taste to the simplest of sarmies. More than just delicious, Rama is ultra nutritious. It’s high in Omega 3 and a rich source of 9 vitamins.

After all these years, there’s one thing we know for sure: when food is made with love, that’s where you’ll find Rama.

Whether cooking, baking or spreading add a whole lot of love with the Rama that’s just right for your family.

Visit the Rama website and find out how you can Taste the Love with Rama: www.rama.co.za


Rama Spread for Bread Tub • Rama Spread for Bread Brick • Rama Original Tub • Rama Original Brick