Some people spend their lives dreaming of the future – all the positivity that comes with it. Leaving the old behind and embracing the new. But here’s the thing though: a dream is just a dream until you mould it. A dream stays in your head and becomes a reality only when you say, “ACTION!” When we speak of siqalo, we speak of fresh, new beginnings. We speak of ploughing the soil and planting seeds for the future.

As a company that is rebranding, we are guided by putting words into action, less talking and more doing. Siqalo doesn’t only speak to us rebranding, it also speaks to new families. It says, if you are starting yours, we will be part of every meal that you prepare. It says let’s start something, maybe right inside your very own kitchen. Remember how it felt the first time you prepared that meal all by yourself, after days of trying to get it right?

Siqalo is that feeling and more. So, here’s to new beginnings.

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